Our Area Of Activities

We, at PNM Katyani Packagings Pvt. Ltd., are engaged in processing and manufacturing, flexible packaging solutions. Given below is a brief overview of the same :


  • Customised shape pouches with Spout / sipper  for liquid packing such as Juices, Energy Drinks,Cream, paste etc..
  • Customised stand up zipper pouch in Jar shape for confectionary, dry fruits, coffee or other similar products in powder or granuels.



  • Laminates : We facilitate laminates for the packing of product such as namkeen, rice, biscuits pulses, tea, shampoo, bakery products, detergent auto products and so on.
  • Rolls and Pouches : It is used for nitrogen flushing products such as wafers, namkeen and snacks.
  • Online Multi-Track Laminated Rolls : For all kinds of liquid detergent, soft drink, 2T oil, Vaseline, Shampoo, Edible oils, Grease, spices, mouth fresheners etc.
  • Pet/Poly Laminates : It is for the packaging of shampoo, detergent, tea, salt, oil, edible, food, confectionery, flours, grains, pulses, non-food product pack, fertilizers etc.
  • Met Pet/Poly Laminates : This is for the packaging of cosmetic product, soft drink concentrate, snack food spices, lubricant oil and grease.
  • BOPP/Met BOPP/CPP : Such is for the packaging of biscuit, wafers etc.
  • BOPP-Woovan Fabric Laminate Bags : This type of bag is compatible for unique packaging varying from 5 kg to 50 kg of stuff such as sugar, seed, rice as well as pharmaceuticals products.